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Julie Williamson

Very well articulated Christie. That's it in a nutshell (albeit an oversized one).


AMEN SISTAH! This all is totally true.


Aww, I was going to post "Amen Sistah!!", which would be so cool. But the previous chick stole my line. I'M SO OPPRESSED!!

Kim in Vacaville

LOVE this!


I don't think tumblr is the best place to talk about feminism.

I claim myself as a feminist (and Aspie :D). Long story short, i fight for men to have the rights to not be manly all the time as much as i fight for women to not just being reduced to their beauty or their looks.

Feminism is also important regarding the recognition of Autism, because most people still think that Autism is a "boy thing" and they reduced it to Rain Man.

Feminism is about trying to find a way to allow anyone, men and women, to be what they want to be.

At least, that's what i see in it (sorry for my english, i'm french)


@Ladyaspie, I can respect that.

My rant was more directed at the tumblr kind of feminists specifically. I know not all feminists are bad, and that there are plenty of decent ones out there. I should have mentioned that.

Also, your English is perfectly fine. No worries. :)

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